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Enhance your swimming experience and performance with S&R Sport swimming lane lines. These essential pool accessories are designed to provide a clear division of lanes, minimize water turbulence, and create a more focused and efficient swimming environment. Whether you're a coach planning swimming meets or need it for competitions, these lane lines are pool-approved. 

Clear Visibility

These swimming lane lines are available in high-visibility colors, making it easy for swimmers to stay in their designated lanes. The bright colors provide a clear and unmistakable separation, reducing the risk of collisions during crowded swim sessions.


Our lane lines for pools, crafted from top-quality materials, are built to withstand the rigors of regular pool use. The materials are resistant to chlorine and UV exposure, ensuring your lane lines remain in excellent condition, even with frequent use. 

Lessened Water Turbulence

Our lane lines are designed to minimize water turbulence, creating a calm and focused swimming environment. Swimmers can enjoy smooth and uninterrupted laps without disruptions caused by wave interference from neighboring lanes.

Quick Installation

Setting up swimming lane lines is a hassle-free process. The float and anchor components are simple to attach, allowing you to install them quickly and effortlessly. Say goodbye to time-consuming lane adjustments.

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S&R Sport’s lane lines are built to last and resistant to the corrosive effects of chlorine and the sun's UV rays. Make the most of your swimming sessions with our swimming lane lines. Whether you're a competitive swimmer or enjoy leisurely swimming, these lane lines provide a dedicated and disturbance-free swimming space.

Whether you have a standard-sized pool or one with unique specifications, our lane lines can accommodate your needs. S&R Sport offers lane lines in various lengths, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your pool's dimensions. Whether you're looking for pool equipment or water polo gear, we provide an extensive catalog that fits any requirement.