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Features & Design Options

Customization is stress-free and easy with our team of experienced design experts - and artwork is always free! Customers can customize the number of caps, from a set of 26 to whatever number suits your team.

A few caps you can choose from are:

  • Home team goalie caps
  • Away team goalie caps
  • Practice caps
  • Home team caps
  • Away team caps
  • Solid color caps
  • Caps with team numbers
  • Caps without numbers

Water Polo Hat Care

Caring for your water polo cap is essential for your own health as a player, as well as the cap's longevity. Thoroughly dry your cap in between practices, training sessions, and games, as storing them wet or damp can lead to mildew growth and deterioration of the fabric. Avoid throwing them into a washing machine, as the heat and agitation can harm the materials used in their construction. Hand-wash with a mild detergent in lukewarm water and hang dry for best results.