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Women’s Water Polo Suits

Championship Performance

Water polo can dish out a beating between the chlorine, thrashing, and grabbing. That’s why you’ll want your women’s water polo suit to be as challenging as you. Our selection of suits is durable enough to withstand hours of rigorous training and playing while resisting wear and maintaining their shape.

Your Second Skin

High-performing women’s water polo players know their suits should fit like a second skin. You need to keep your head in the game—the last thing you should worry about is a wardrobe malfunction or water sneaking into your suit. We carry the best women’s water polo suits from brands like Arena, Delfina, and Nike. They know the importance of achieving the right fit while maintaining comfortability.

Self Expression

Just because a suit is a high-quality piece of gear doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Self-expression is part of the game, too. When you look good diving into the pool, you’ll carry swagger and confidence with you. That’s why we have multiple colors and designs of women’s water polo suits—we even offer custom team gear!

Suit up With S&R Sport

S&R Sport has an extensive catalog of high-quality aquatic products. Shop our selection of women’s water polo suits and equipment to take your game to the next level. If you have questions, contact our team of experts, who will happily help you reach your goals in and out of the pool!