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Whether you are opening a new facility or looking to make some upgrades, S&R Sport has everything you need to turn your tank of water into a full blown, state of the art, competition ready, Queen Mother of all pools!  Swimmers andwater polo players alike will bow down to its pure awesomeness when they step onto the deck.  With Spectrum starting blockslane lines from both Competitor and AntiWave, along with stock and customizable backstroke flags, your pool will function at the championship level.  Our product line of Swim Timing and Scoring systems has a wide selection of stop watches, paceclocks, and timing systems for every competition ranging from summer swim league to the elite level.  Deck storage is always a high priority, and you can trust that our products will function for years under the harsh conditions of your chlorinated pool.  Let S&R Sport help you stay current with the changes in competition rules and regulations and allow us to help make your athletes into champions.