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Water Polo Suits for Men

Designed to Help You Dominate

Water polo is one of the few sports where the field is an opponent. Every point is hard-earned, and you’ll need a suit that’s up to the task. That’s why we carry men’s water polo suits that are tough enough to withstand the elements. Thick polyester suits protect you during the game, ensuring you stay protected and focused. These durable suits resist wear even after countless hours in the pool.

Fits Like a Glove

The best men’s water polo suits should fit like a glove. Players must keep their heads up and in the game instead of worrying about suit malfunctions. S&R Sport carries men’s suits from brands that take water polo as seriously as you do. From Delfina to Speedo and beyond, our selection will help you dominate in the pool.

Show Your Personality

High-quality gear doesn’t have to sacrifice fashion for function! From funny prints to showing regional pride, we carry men’s water polo suits that let your individuality shine. That way you can show off your personality before showing off your shooting skills.

All-Star Support From S&R Sport

Shop S&R Sport’s extensive selection of men’s water polo suits and aquatic sports equipment. Reach out with questions, and our all-star team will happily assist you with custom orders or delivery questions.