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Delfina Goalie Caps

What Makes These Caps Different?

Goalkeeper caps look really similar to regular water polo caps- can’t my goalie just wear a regular one? This is a question you might be asking yourself, especially if you’re new to water polo. Goalkeeper caps have the same basic construction as a standard players’ cap, which gives their ears protection from flying elbows and flying balls, but there are a few key differences. 

USAWP, FINA, NFHS and NCAA standards differ slightly regarding goalie caps, so make sure to check with governing body rules your team must abide by before placing your order to avoid mix-ups. 


Our goalkeeper’s caps are made with robust plastic ear guards to protect players’ ears from ball hits, flailing elbows, and excess water. The hard plastic is perforated to allow water to exit the ear guards as well as to allow the goalie to hear their coach and teammates. The tough nylon fabric that makes up the rest of the cap is made to be durable and form-fitting for a long-lasting and comfortable fit.