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Mikasa Balls

Mikasa Water Polo Balls


Mikasa’s water polo balls feature:

  • Premium foam rubber
  • Precision nylon wound
  • Smooth cover surface
  • Greater grip ability in wet conditions
  • Improved quality consistency

Mikasa water polo balls for sale at S&R Sport are sure to be durable, grippy, and consistently high-quality. 

Care and Maintenance

Caring properly for your new Mikasa water polo ball will ensure its longevity and performance. A typical inflation point for water polo balls at the competitive level is between 12 and 13 pounds of air per square inch. Your ball may lose a small amount of air with regular use, so be sure to check the PSI regularly to keep it performing well.

After practice, training, or games, make sure to dry your water polo ball with a soft cloth, or at the very least let it drip dry in a ball bag or ball cart. Avoid leaving your ball in full heat or direct sunlight, like the backseat of a car in summer, or a sunny pool deck. Extended sun damage can weaken the fibers of the stitching as well as the skin of the water polo ball.