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Practice Water Polo Caps

Practice Water Polo Caps

Color and Style Options

We have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. 

Our options include:

  • Solid color caps with no numbers- neon colors or primary colors
  • Away field practice caps
  • Away goalie practice caps
  • Home field practice caps
  • Home goalie practice caps
  • Water gear ear guard sets
  • Water gear ear guard extender sets

Our practice water polo caps are specifically made to withstand use for years, with sturdy plastic ear guards and tough nylon blend fabric to hug a player’s scalp closely. The ear guards are cleverly designed with small perforations to allow players to hear their teammates as well as to prevent water from entering the ear canal too quickly. The hard plastic exterior protects players from head injuries from water polo balls or teammates’ elbows during fast play. 


Taking good care of your caps will keep them in the pool and in play longer. Wash them gently by hand with a mild detergent in lukewarm water, and don’t tumble dry or use a washing machine. Avoid leaving them in extreme heat or sun, and allow them to hang dry fully in between uses for best results. Avoid leaving them in a damp swim bag or in a wet environment, as this is likely to cause the growth of mildew and bacteria.