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You have to have balls to play water polo.  At S&R Sport, we have the widest variety of water polo balls available... anywhere.  S&R Sport is the exclusive distributor of Winart Water Polo Balls in the Americas.  The Winart water polo ball is widely used as an official training and competition ball across Europe and specifically in Hungary (a nation that knows a thing or two about water polo) and is approved for use in NFHS and NCAA competition.  The Winart ball also comes in a wide array of color combinations so you can match your team colors.  We also carry the Mikasa water polo ball, which has been an industry leader for decades and is approved for NFHS, NCAA, USAWP and FINA competitions as well as the NFHS approved Baden water polo ball.  And it's not just the Size 4 and Size 5 game ball sizes on shelf, but also Age-Group Size 2, Size 3 and Splashball sizes.   Make sure you shop our selection of mini-trainers and heavyweight balls to refine our passing, catching and shooting skills and don’t forget your goalie training with smaller balls for more precise shot blocking.  Bottom line, S&R Sport has whatever ball you need for competition and training, you won't want to shop anywhere else.