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Whether training, competing, or introducing a new person to your favorite sport, having the appropriate water polo balls is imperative. S&R Sport is proud to offer all the water polo ball sizes used in training and competitive water polo.

We carry the Delfina Water Polo Ball – the official ball of the MPSF – and the Hungarian Winart balls, prized for their fabulous colors, durability, and price point. We also stock the Mikasa men’s and women’s balls that are the Official Ball of the Olympic Games, the World Championships, and the European Championships.

How Do You Know What Water Polo Ball Size You Need?

A good game requires the right water polo ball size. The following sizes are available: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. These five graduated sizes of water polo balls and the appropriate users for each are broken down as follows:

  • Size 1 is also known as the “Novelty” or “Mini Trainer” water polo ball and is typically for children ages 2-6. Its small size and weight are tailored to the physical capabilities of young children, allowing them to develop essential skills and confidence in the water. Some programs also use them to train goalies with reflex exercises and of course water polo enthusiasts from kids to adults always enjoy playing around with them outside of the pool!
  • Size 2 is used for 10U boys and girls and even younger Splashball players. The size 2 ball helps young athletes transition from introductory Splashball sessions to more structured play. Its slightly larger size bridges standard water polo balls while remaining manageable for young hands.
  • Size 3 is for 12U boys and girls. The water polo ball size 3 is ideal for refining skills and techniques. It balances ease of handling and challenging gameplay, making it suitable for youth leagues and training.
  • Size 4 is the official size for Women’s Open, Girls HS, 18s and 16s, and 14U boys and girls. Their size and weight are optimized for competitive matches in these age categories. This size is also the official Olympic water polo ball size for women.
  • Size 5 is the official size for the men’s open category and for 16U boys. Its larger size and weight are designed for advanced players who require precision and control in high-level competition. This size is used in collegiate, international, professional water polo matches and Boys HS. This size is also the official Olympic water polo ball size for men.

Inflating Your Ball

Proper inflation of your water polo ball is essential. Training with the correct inflation of the ball will ensure that you and your team will be as well prepared as possible when it comes to playing the sport. Additionally, wetting your inflation needle before inserting it into the water polo balls is critical to safely inserting and removing the needle without damaging the valve.

For a water polo ball size 5, inflate it to 13-14 psi (pounds per square inch); for a size 4, the standard is 12-13 psi. The smaller sizes do not have a standardized psi, so fill to your discretion and make sure it is easy to use in the water with your team. Check the inflation of your balls regularly, as they slowly lose air from frequent use.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly check that your water polo balls are still inflated. Balls that are used a lot lose their air over time. Make sure they are correctly inflated for better game and skill development.

Clean After Use

Make sure you rinse the balls with fresh water after each use. This cleansing keeps chemicals and salt from damaging the ball’s surface. The chemicals will degrade the ball’s material over time, affecting its performance and durability.

Store Properly

Keep water polo balls cool and dry when not in use. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, which degrade ball material.

Replace When Necessary

Balls that are worn out need to be replaced. Using a worn-out ball will reduce both your game satisfaction and performance.

Proper care of a water ball is vital. These measures extend your equipment's life and significantly impact your gaming experience and skill development. Well-maintained water polo balls and the right water polo ball size are the foundation of success and enjoyment in this sport.