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Other Water Polo Bags

About S&R Sports’ Collection of Other Water Polo Bags

These bags are constructed to be all-purpose and multi-use, so you can use them for swim practice, a pool day, or a school trip. Featuring padded panels, adjustable straps, and sturdy nylon outers, they will protect your belongings in myriad circumstances. 

The drawstring bag options have proven to have sturdier drawstrings than other brands of water polo bags and can fit a pull buoy, a set of fins, and paddles, along with your swimsuit and swim cap

The laptop-friendly coaches briefcase offers a large main compartment zips closed while a soft padded pocket on the outside protects your computer from water. An adjustable padded shoulder strap allows you to wear this in comfort and style all day. 

Caring for Your Bag

To make sure your other water polo bags stay functional and retain their longevity, wash them periodically in lukewarm water with mild detergent. If the tough nylon outer retains a stubborn stain, use a gentle nylon brush with the same detergent to remove it.