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Call it your uniform or internationally they call them togs or costumes, but in the end let's just call it what it is…a water polo suit.  And for water polo players, you will get no better selection than at S&R Sport.  If you want to kick your game up a notch, get your hands on a S&R Sport Infinity Water Polo Suit.  The S&R Sport suit is custom designed by the staff at S&R Sport to be long lasting with superior fit and comfort, featuring high grade polyester/PBT material and unique stock artwork that sets us apart from the competition.  The S&R Sport Suit is the most durable suit on the market and are steadily becoming the industry choice for water polo suits.  We also have all of the water polo performance suits available from TYR, Nike and Speedo.  Don't sell yourself short!  When it comes to your suits, go with S&R Sport.