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About Us

Our Mission Statement
S & R Sport is dedicated to developing loyal customers by meeting and exceeding customer expectations and contributing to their success and happiness. We will achieve our mission by providing timely, accurate and professional service at each and every customer contact and by furnishing the quality products that our customers desire at reasonable prices.
Our History
S & R Sport was started by brothers Steve & Rob Granick in 1992 – whose initial would be first in the company name was decided by a coin flip. Steve won the flip 25 years ago and now the name S & R Sport is synonymous in the aquatics industry with integrity and quality products. Both
Rob and Steve started as age-group swimmers and their love for the water eventually landed them in the sport of water polo. Decades later with more than 60 years of competitive aquatics experience between them, they continue to thrive in the aquatics world. As the leading distributor
in the U.S. of nearly every major water polo brand and a growing force in the competitive and recreational swimming markets, S & R Sport satisfies our customers by combining our product expertise with a level of customer service that is extraordinary compared to the aquatic industry’s standards. 
The S & R Sport website is dedicated to bringing you entire collections of aquatics apparel and equipment from most of the top manufacturers around the world. We think that you will be surprised to see what a wonderful variety of aquatics merchandise for swimming, water polo and
lifeguard is actually available.
S & R Sport is always looking for new quality products to bring to you, our customer, to make your aquatics experience better and to help you perform and look terrific!
About our staff
The staff at S & R Sport are all professionals who take pride in their customer service. Our Customer Care Department is staffed with aquatics experts who bring an incredible amount of product knowledge to their conversations with our customers. If they do get an occasional question that stumps them, we also have the resources of many industry experts to help you make the best choices for you.