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Custom Hooded Towels


Keeping your water polo and swim team warm and dry in between games, before and after training and swim heats will make sure that their muscles are in great shape for competing, practicing, and cooling down. Delfina USA’s custom hooded towels allow you to personalize your team’s gear, with your colors, last names, numbers, mascots, and team names. Made from the finest Italian materials and ethically produced in Europe, these custom sport towels come in child and adult sizes. 

In an environment that consistently keeps you and your team in cold water, whether indoors or out, towels are an essential part of your training. Our custom hooded towels allow swimmers and water polo players to have modesty while changing out of swimwear in the absence of convenient changing rooms, as well as providing warmth and soaking up excess water to help them stay warm. 

These high-quality towels provide a comfortable large hood to help prevent heat from leaving the body through the head, and a large kangaroo pocket to keep the hands warm or store goggles or swim caps when not in use. 

About Delfina Custom Sport Towels

  • Below-the-knee-length for modesty and ease of use when changing out of swimwear
  • Free custom artwork through S&R Sport’s design team 
  • Large arm holes for easy and quick put-on and removal
  • High-quality fabric 
  • We offer both youth and adult sizes

Caring for Your Custom Hooded Towel

Taking good care of your towel is the best way to make it last. Wash in cold or lukewarm water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Make sure to wash it at least once a week if you are using it every day to prevent the growth of bacteria or germs. Allow it to air-dry fully before using it again, and refrain from storing it in a damp environment for long periods of time.