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When you think water polo goals, you think AntiWave.  That's because AntiWave is the industry leader and produces the absolute best water polo goal in the market and S&R Sport is the only company in the U.S.A. who stocks these goals in our Torrance, CA warehouse.  Floating, deck mount, regulation, Splashball -- S&R Sport has got them all.  The Odyssey goal is the preferred goal forFINA International and NCAA competition.  The Flipfloat Water Polo Goal and Club Water Polo Goal are top sellers for all levels of play.  And we even have replacement parts for all of these items.  If you are looking for an even sturdier goal, look no further than the S&R Sport Floating Wooden Water Polo Goal which is available for regulation and Splashball play.  You can't play the game without a goal, so look no further than S&R Sport to outfit your facility with the perfect goal for your game.