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This 4 video series is a comprehensive guide to coaching Water Polo. John Tanner combines his years of experience in the sport as a highly successful player and coach to deliver the most in depth coaching series available!

Team Tactics for Water Polo

John Tanner offers a comprehensive guide to Water Polo Team Tactics. Utilizing marker board diagrams with explanations that include reasons and philosophies, Coach Tanner divides Team Tactics strategies into six essential parts.

  • Part 1; Front Court Defense includes Press Defense, Help Defense, Drop Defense, M-Zone Defense.
  • Part 2; Counterattack Offense includes, Right Side Release and Front Court Counterattack.
  • Part 3; Front Court Offense includes Drive, Picks, Attacking a Drop Defense, and Attacking a 2-4 Split.
  • Part 4; Counterattack Defense, Tanner shares strategies for transition to defense, identifying match ups, pressing to slow down the offense, and taking away the ball side.
  • Part 5; 5 On 6, Coach Tanner covers Knockdown Defense, and Shot Blocking Defense Part 6; 6 on 5 tactics include the 4-2 and 3-3 attack. Tanner's philosophy on team tactics is to strive for aggressive movement with the expectation of involving every player on the team.

Offensive Skills for Water Polo

In Offensive Skills, Coach John Tanner shares more than 40 specific offensive skills/techniques with thorough explanation, rationalization, and expert in-water demonstrations in this 3-part video.

  • Part 1; Movement Drills, Coach Tanner shares five movement-related skills/drills necessary for success in offensive movement.
  • Part 2; Ball Handling, Tanner begins with 10 individual ball handling skills and includes specific drills for setting up advantageous passing positions. He then progresses into 11 passing and catching techniques/drills.
  • Part 3: In Tanner's segment on shooting, he begins with techniques and drills for perimeter shooting including strategies for faking and shooting and the pop and shoot techniques. He then proceeds to 16 drills, techniques, and strategic plays for perimeter offense, driving offense, and 2-meter positioning. 

Defensive Skills for Water Polo

Coach John Tanner breaks down Defensive Skills for Water Polo into 4 parts.

Part 1: Movement, Tanner teaches and explains the basics for defensive movement in the water. He discusses vertical and horizontal movement strategies and techniques and includes detailed breakdowns of the kicking and sculling techniques and variations and also details the components of reversals.
Part 2: Perimeter Defense, details positional strategies for steals, shot blocking, and defending release and drive moves by the offense.
Part 3: Two-Meter Defense, Tanner covers fronting, reverse spins, shifting behind, clearing, shot blocking and helping on perimeter shots.
Part 4: Tanner details the position of goal keeping and breaks down techniques base position, with lateral movement techniques. Tanner also shares drills for base position jabbing for inside shots; drills and positioning for perimeter shots and lunging; drills for combining both inside and perimeter shots.

Coaching Water Polo

In this instructional water polo DVD, John Tanner offers a six Part "nuts and bolts" marker board breakdown of coaching Water Polo.

  • Part 1: Basic Fundamentals breaks down movement through the water, ball handling, offensive skills, and defensive skills.
  • Part 2: Playing Systems details numbering system, front court defense strategies and tactics, front court offense, driving offense, ejection strategies including 6-on-5 and 5-on-6, and counterattack options and strategies.
  • Part 3: Seasonal Planning, Tanner breaks down seasonal phases offering specific details for what to emphasize in each seasonal phase.
  • Part 4: Practice Planning, Tanner shares his outline for the necessary components of a practice.
  • Part 5: Game Day Planning, Coach Tanner breaks down the pre-game meeting, reviewing player roles and expectations, and post game meetings.
  • Part 6: How to Coach, Tanner shares his philosophies and experience of the necessary components of teaching and coaching the sport of Water Polo.


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